How Much Are Chicago Bears License Plates? (2022)

how much are chicago bears license plates

How Much Are Chicago Bears License Plates?: The Chicago Bears license plates can be purchased in many different designs and prices. However, before you make a purchase, there are some important things to consider. These include customization, renewal, pricing, and renewing mississippi tornado..


The pricing of Chicago Bears license plates is anything but a given. You can display the logo on your sport utility vehicle or a passenger car. However, the dreaded smog ridden Chicago is not the only locale where you will be tested and tamed. If you are a true blue fan, you will be invited to the team’s posh abode: Soldier Field. With a little planning, you can enjoy a day of cheering on the champs without having to schlep your stuff from A to B.

In addition to the team’s home turf, fans can enjoy the opulence of a day of pro basketball at the American Sports Legends tournament. Also, there’s a draft party and an expo to boot. While the price of admission isn’t cheap, the perks are well worth the cash. Whether you’re a diehard or a casual sports fan, the best way to celebrate the upcoming season is to get your hands on some quality Bears gear. Besides, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. For more information, visit today.


If you’re a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, you know that a special license plate can help support your team’s cause. You can order and display a Chicago Bears license plate on your car or on a sport utility vehicle. Besides raising money for the Bears, these plates also contribute to the Professional Sports Teams Education Fund.

There are many different sports teams that have specialty license plates in Illinois. The most popular are the Cubs, Blackhawks, White Sox, and St. Louis Rams. Some of these teams are included in the existing state law, but others aren’t. This law will help stop the proliferation of these types of plates in Illinois, and will end the practice of losing money on them.

The Sports Team Series program was created in 2002. It allows people to pay a $20 fee for a license plate that supports public schools. These license plates can be ordered online. They arrive in about six weeks. In the past, 71,000 have been produced, and over $13 million has been raised. Since the program started, these plates have raised almost half a million dollars for public education in the state.

If you’re looking for an Illinois sports-themed license plate, you might want to try ordering one of the new designs that have been introduced. Among the new specialty plates are the Monarch butterfly and the Blackhawks logo. These plates will raise money for the restoration of butterfly habitats.

Other sports-themed license plates include the Ducks Unlimited, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, Master Mason, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Prevent Violence, and more. All of these plates have different colors and designs, and they carry the logos of the respective universities, organizations, and causes. Most of these plates can be purchased online through the secretary of state’s website.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, there are 109 unique license plates in Illinois. The fees for each of these plates vary, depending on the cause. Generally, the fees are $25 for the original issuance of a specialty plate and $27 for the renewal of a specialty plate. Those fees go to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund, which will be used to pay administrative processing costs. Another fee, for an environmental plate, is $40. Those fees are used to help maintain and improve Illinois state parks.

While it is possible to renew your Chicago Bears license plates in person, you can also purchase them online. In fact, you might be able to use your touch-tone phone to get your license plates renewed. However, the Secretary of State warns that you should not rely on this method. As the Secretary notes, there are fraudulent sites circulating on the internet that charge bogus fees for renewals.

Although there is no official site that charges you for your license plate renewals, the Secretary of State does note that there are other websites that are unauthorized. One such website states that the renewal fee will be nearly $40. Unfortunately, this unauthorized website has been criticized by both the Secretary of State and the CBS 2 news channel. To avoid this problem, it’s best to find a relative who can register your license plates online.


Chicago is home to some of the most passionate fans in the NFL, and one way to show your loyalty is by displaying a Chicago Bears license plate on your car or truck. Not only will a Chicago Bears license plate let other drivers know that you are a fan, but it can also help to promote traffic safety. There are many options for displaying the bears on your vehicle. Whether you want to have your license plate painted to match the team’s colors or simply display it to show your support, you’ll find a variety of options.

One popular option is to purchase a Chicago Bears license plate frame. A plate frame is a great way to show that you’re a Bears fan and to keep your license safe from the elements. License plate frames are available at sporting goods stores and online retailers that specialize in sports memorabilia.

The best Chicago Bears license plate frame features a heavy metal construction that’s resistant to scratches and fading. It’s made to showcase your favorite team’s logo and includes pre-drilled holes for easy installation. You can even customize the frame with a message. The frame has a powder-coat finish that’s designed to protect your plate.

If you’re looking for a stylish license plate, consider the FANMATS 61947 Chicago Bears Embossed License Plate Frame. This stylish frame is made of durable, polished stainless steel and includes an embossed aluminum team logo insert. It’s also designed to fit standard license plates. The frame has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, and a glitter decal insert. Plus, the frame is officially licensed by the NFL.

Another good option is the Rico(r) Chicago Bears Laser Tag License Plate. This acrylic license plate features an engraved logo that will catch everyone’s attention. You can even choose to have the decal protected by an Acrylic Shield.

Other Chicago Bears license plate options include the Acrylic Classic License Plate and the Chicago license plate. These plates are made in America and feature high-quality materials. Each is officially licensed and will keep your license safe from the elements. Besides being a fan favorite, these plates will be an attractive addition to any sports themed vehicle.

When you’re searching for the perfect license plate to fit your personal style, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Chicago Bears, you’ll want to make sure that your license is adorned with a quality frame. Many of the best frames have an engraved logo that’s laser-engraved and a design that’s eye-catching and sturdy. They’re also crafted with a powder-coat finish that’s highly resistant to scratches and fading. In addition, they’re available in a wide range of sizes, so you’re bound to find the right one for your car or truck.

How Much Does Chicago Bears Coach Matt Eberflus Make?

how much does chicago bears coach make

There is no doubt that Chicago Bears coach Matt Eberflus is among the most popular coaches in the NFL. But how much does he earn? Well, according to Forbes, he makes $3 million per year. That may not sound like a lot, but compared to the other top coaches in the NFL, it’s quite a bit of money.

Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule makes $72 million in his new job as head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The deal is the best ever for an NFL coach, but Rhule isn’t just getting paid for the monetary value. He is also going to get a ton of perks.

For one thing, he is going to be given a private jet. He’ll also have the freedom to sign up position assistants for two-year contracts. There’s a lot of money to be made, but he has to put it to good use.

Rhule is the seventh-highest-paid coach in the NFL. His pay is guaranteed, and his salary is expected to grow as he works his way through the remaining two years of his contract.

Besides the $72 million in salary, Rhule is going to receive an additional $2 million for deferred compensation. This means he will earn $834,000 a month for 48 months.

Another part of the deal is the buyout. It will start at $7 million in 2023 and fall to $4 million in 2026. Those aren’t huge numbers, but they do indicate the potential for big paydays.

Even if he leaves Carolina, Rhule still owes the Panthers roughly $40 million. The contract is a massive boon to Rhule, but it has to be balanced with the fact that he could have opted to sit on his couch and earn $40 million.

Rhule is also credited with designing a slick system for Baylor. In his final season at the school, he posted an 11-3 record and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. However, he lost to Georgia in the championship game.

Although Rhule has a lot of incentives to stay with Nebraska, it’s possible he’ll go to another college or pro team.

Matt Eberflus

The Chicago Bears have found a new coach after four seasons with Matt Nagy. It’s a former NFL player turned coach, and he’s the first coach to win in Foxborough since Dick Jauron 22 years ago.

Matt Eberflus is a former college athlete and linebacker who was a three-time All-Pro. He and his wife have two daughters. After coaching at the University of Toledo, he worked as a linebackers coach for the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Missouri.

Eberflus was the defensive coordinator for the Colts in 2018. His defense ranked 11th in the NFL in 2017 with eight points per game and 29th in the league in turnovers. In addition to his defensive work, he also helped groom Darius Leonard into an All-Pro.

Eberflus has worked for five NFL teams, including the Cleveland Browns and the Cowboys. Previously, he was a defensive backs coach for the Bears, and he was also a student assistant under Gary Pinkel at the University of Toledo.

Throughout his tenure at the University of Toledo, Eberflus compiled a 56-22-2 record. He also racked up 325 tackles and earned a degree in education.

In 2011, Eberflus became the linebackers coach for the Cowboys. As part of the team’s coaching staff, he worked with established greats like DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Walker.

In 2018, Eberflus started Khalil Mack and Anthony Walker as rookies. Aside from his success in Indianapolis, Eberflus was also praised for his organization and discipline. He was one of the finalists to become the head coach of the Jaguars, and he was interviewed with the Houston Texans last year.

Before his debut as a head coach, Eberflus coached the defense at the University of Missouri. His 4-3 base defense has a lot of fans concerned.

Matt Halas

The Bears’ recent move to fire Matt Nagy raises a few eyebrows. But it’s not the first time the team has fired a head coach.

Last season, the Bears had a 6-11 record. However, a good portion of the starting lineup is back. It also seems that the team is eager to make a different move.

The team opened a new Halas Hall in June. As a result, the Bears are represented in two big pro football circuits.

One of the things they are doing is reorganizing their roster. They are going to hire a new offensive coordinator, but they haven’t yet finalized the deal.

Another thing that they are doing is letting their coaches run their own units. This is something that’s been missing for several years.

However, Matt Eberflus is the next man up. He’s the 17th head coach in franchise history. His office is full of names of retired players, and he has ambitious goals.

According to one source, the Bears are set to fire coach Matt Nagy after he fails to deliver a competitive offense in three and a half seasons. That’s not good news for anyone.

On Monday, the Bears hosted a press conference to announce their decision. In the course of the hour, they discussed the three most important things that happened after their 24-17 win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday night.

There was a lot of pomp and circumstance that day. After all, it was the Bears’ 100th anniversary. Among the celebration’s more interesting features was that the team opened a new Halas Hall.

It seems that the Bears are intent on bringing a new approach to the NFL.

Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera is a head coach of the Washington Commanders, which plays in the National Football League. He was previously a head coach of the Carolina Panthers. His career has spanned over two decades. Since his time in the NFL, he has been recognized as an NFL Coach of the Year and a Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year.

As a player, Ron Rivera earned recognition as an All-American linebacker at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1984, he was selected by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the NFL Draft.

After he finished college, he began his coaching career as a quality control coach for the Chicago Bears. He later became a linebackers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. A few years after he joined the team, he was promoted to a defensive coordinator.

While with the Bears, Ron Rivera won a Super Bowl XLI title in 2006. The team was an NFC champion in 2006. And in 2006, the Bears made their first appearance in the Super Bowl, winning the game against the New Orleans Saints.

In 2011, the Panthers hired Rivera as their new head coach. However, he was fired midway through the season.

In January of 2020, Rivera was named the new head coach of the Washington Commanders. He took over from Jay Gruden, who was fired that year. During his time as the head coach, the Commanders compiled a 21-25-1 record.

In the future, Rivera intends to keep his head coaching position. Currently, he earns $7 million a year.

Before becoming the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, Rivera served as the defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers for three years. He was awarded the Associated Press’s NFL Coach of the Year in 2013.

Mike McCarthy

The average NFL head coach makes over $4 million a year. But if you’re Mike McCarthy, you’re going to make more than five times that.

As a matter of fact, you might even be the highest paid coach in the game. Here are some of the other coaches who earn in the four figure range.

A coach might be the best at the job, but he or she can’t win every game. For example, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy isn’t the most talented play caller in the game.

Of course, the NFL’s top paymaster is New England Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick. While he doesn’t have the largest net worth of any of the top coaches, he has the lion’s share of the industry’s most impressive stats.

In fact, there are several ways to beat McCarthy. Not only did he come in with a winning record, but his new contract will keep him in Green Bay for at least the next two years. He’s also got a fully guaranteed deal, so he won’t be at risk if Aaron Rodgers suffers an injury.

If McCarthy wants to take his game to the next level, he’ll need to bring in some new talent. Kellen Moore, Dallas’ offensive coordinator, is one candidate. Another is Arizona’s Ken Whisenhunt, who has a 36-34,.514 (.582 if you’re counting the number of passes he has passed).

And while it may be an oversimplification, the most interesting part of all of this is that the highest-paid coach in the game is the guy who is going to be replacing him.

There are six other coaches with salaries in the four-figure range. You’ll want to check out the chart below.

How Much Do Chicago Bears Tickets Cost?

how much do chicago bears tickets cost

The answer to the question, “How much do Chicago Bears tickets cost?” will depend on several factors. One of the primary factors is the number of tickets you are planning on buying. However, you can also take into account the seating chart, the transportation options, and the ticket IQ ratings.

Seating chart

If you’re going to be attending a Chicago Bears game, it’s a good idea to get a ticket that includes access to the United Club. This will give you a chance to soak in some quality time before and after the game. The club is located between the 200 and 300 levels of the stadium.

The Chicago Bears play 16 regular season games a year. There are also two playoff games. Tickets for these are usually available through Ticketmaster. Aside from the usual ticket office, you may also find tickets on the internet. For example, Box Office Ticket Sales has a huge selection of Chicago Bears tickets to choose from.

An interactive seat chart is a great way to determine what kind of seats are available for your next Bears game. Whether you’re looking for the best seats or just want a general idea of the layout of the seating area, this type of tool will help you make an informed decision.

Another option is to use a comparison site to find the best deals. One of the quickest ways to do this is to use a site that compares the price of the same seat, along with any additional fees and/or service charges. Some sites even have the option to browse all of the seating options available to you.

For example, one of the better interactive charts for the Chicago Bears has an area that lists the most common sections, along with a description of each. It’s also very easy to sort by the section, rows and the number of seats. Once you find a good option, you can select your seats and then print or download your tickets. In addition, you may be able to save your tickets for future use. Whether you’re buying for a Bears game or your entire season, you’ll have no problems making the most of your event.

You can also check out the full Soldier Field Stadium Guide for more detailed information on the stadium and the amenities that come with visiting the Windy City. The Chicago Bears have a reputation for playing some of the most exciting football in the league, so you’ll be in for a treat!

TicketIQ ratings

If you are looking to go to the Baylor Bears Basketball game this season, you are going to need tickets. There are two ways to get them. You can buy them from the team or you can buy them from a secondary ticket market.

Buying from a secondary market will usually be cheaper than buying from the team. When you are buying from a secondary market, you should look at the tickets and make sure you are getting them at a good price. This means you should check the seating charts. Typically, floor seats are the best seats to get. They are also the closest to the action.

If you are interested in buying your tickets from a secondary market, you will want to check TicketIQ. Unlike StubHub, TicketIQ has a 200% price guarantee and they are usually a reliable place to buy your tickets.

TicketIQ also offers free shipping. The service is quick and easy to use, and you can access the site from 10 to 30 different sites at the same time. It’s also a great way to find tickets before you buy them.

While TiqIq is great for searching, it isn’t the best place to buy your tickets. TicketIQ’s prices are often too high for the quality of the tickets. TicketIQ has limited inventory.

The main problem with TicketIQ is that it does not have the largest amount of web traffic. However, TicketIQ is also a good way to find tickets for events like comedy tours. All of the tickets are guaranteed and you will get a refund if you aren’t happy with the purchase. Buying from TicketIQ is a good way to save a few dollars.

Overall, TicketIQ is a good option for finding tickets for Baylor Bears Basketball games. Getting a lower-level seat is a good idea if you can afford it, as they are typically cheaper than upper-level seats. Also, TicketIQ does have some fees, but these aren’t too expensive.

When you are looking for tickets for Baylor Bears Basketball games, be sure to check out TicketIQ and a few other secondary ticket websites. They will save you a few dollars on your ticket and give you a good buying experience.

VIP Fan Ticket Packages

The Chicago Bears are one of the most storied teams in the National Football League. They’ve played in the league since 1920, and have won nine league championships and a Super Bowl. Their hall of fame players include Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, and Dick Butkus.

The Bears play their home games at Soldier Field, where they can accommodate 61,500 football fans. VIP Fan Ticket Packages allow fans to experience this landmark venue like never before. These packages offer access to special pregame experiences, entertainment, and other amenities.

The Chicago Bears are also known for their luxury suites. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of food and drink options in your own private space, and you’ll be treated to a private Bears Pro-Shop. Other features include private entrances, restrooms, and a lounge area. For the more upscale fan, there’s also the PNC Executive Suite, a first-class luxury experience.

In addition to the usual suspects, the Bears also have a collection of meet-and-greet tickets. This is a great way to get to know your team before the big game, and it’s a fun way to get a sneak peak at the game. There are also some cool VIP fan packages available, like the Bears’ best seat in the house.

The Chicago Bears have been around for a long time, and they deserve your support. When you’re in the Windy City, you’ll want to make sure to catch a game, or two. Plus, if you’re staying in town for the night, you can get discounts on many of the city’s attractions. If you’re looking for the best in sports tickets, Ticketmaster is the place to go. It’s the official ticket marketplace for the NFL.

Aside from VIP Fan Ticket Packages, you should also consider buying a season ticket for your favorite team. This is a great way to cheer on your team throughout the season, and it’s a great way to take advantage of all of the extra perks and discounts. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to make use of the NFL’s member program, which includes tips for packing, getting to the stadium, and the big one – how to get the most out of your ticket.

Transportation options

Chicago Bears tickets vary in price, depending on the game and the seating location. Most tickets are priced between $90-$600, but there are executive suites and VIP fan packages that offer additional benefits. Some of these packages include access to the BearsVIP SkyDeck, special food and beverage options, and access to Skyline Suites.

Fans are encouraged to get to the game early, as the gates open two hours prior to kickoff. There are a few locations for fans to pick up their tickets. One is the Soldier Field Express, which leaves from the Ogilvie Transportation Center and the Union Station. During the regular season, these buses leave two and a half hours before each game.

Alternatively, visitors can take the Chicago ‘L’ rapid transit system, which has three lines on game days. For instance, the 146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express bus, which is a combination of the Inner Drive and the Michigan Express, is operated for every Bears home game. The service stops at McFetridge and the Special Olympics drive.

If you prefer to travel by car, the best route to Soldier Field is to drive to the Roosevelt Station on the Red/Green/Orange Lines. This station is less than a mile from the stadium. You will also need to find a prepaid parking pass. Depending on the distance, the parking rate can vary between $15 and $85 for the duration of the game.

There are also some ride-share services, such as Uber and Lyft, that can take you to the stadium. Many of these services charge between $8 and $12 to bring you to the venue. However, they only serve during the regular season, so it’s important to plan ahead.

Another option is to take the South Shore Line to the Museum Campus/11th Street Station. These trains run from South Bend, Indiana, to downtown Chicago. Upon arriving at the Museum Campus, you will need to walk approximately 15 minutes to the stadium.

Although these are convenient options for traveling to Soldier Field, many travelers opt for car service. If money is no object, you can rent a vehicle for the day.

How Much Are Chicago Bears Season Tickets Going to Set You Back?

how much are chicago bears season tickets

If you’re interested in getting season tickets to the Chicago Bears, you may wonder how much you can expect to pay. The cost depends on a variety of factors, including the location of the seats and the amount of time the tickets are available for. Here are some tips to help you get a good deal.

Vivid Seats

If you’ve ever been a Chicago Bears fan, you know how hard it can be to find affordable season tickets. As a result, many people wait for years before purchasing them. But now there’s an easy way to get access to tickets for the best games of the year. Luckily, there are lots of great deals on hundreds of Chicago Bears tickets online. And even if you can’t afford to buy them, there are plenty of options for you to go to the game.

The Bears play in the NFC North. Their division includes Green Bay, the Texans, Detroit, the Dolphins, and the New York Giants. In 2021, they will play nine home and nine away regular-season games. They will also have to play one preseason game. That means fans who purchase a full season ticket package will be able to see every home and away game at Soldier Field.

Chicago Bears tickets are the 10th most expensive in the NFL. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that the team has changed its pricing structure. Instead of fixed prices, the Bears have been using variable pricing since 2016. This type of pricing allows them to charge higher premium prices for their most exciting games.

Ticket prices for the Bears have increased by nearly four percent in 2020. Fans can expect to pay around $466 for a seat in the stands at Soldier Field. However, the Bears have been known to increase their prices for season ticket packages in the past, so it’s likely that the prices will increase again in 2021.

The Bears had a mediocre season in 2019. After a five-game losing streak, the team finally snapped the slump last December. But the Bears haven’t made it into the playoffs for three straight seasons.

The Bears will play their second-straight season in which they host eight home games. Fans can buy their tickets via the team’s season ticket priority list. To participate, you’ll need to sign up for the list and make a $100 per seat deposit. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be notified in early May about if you’ve been selected. You can’t transfer your seat to someone else, but you can use the points you earn for other experiences with the team.

Depending on the time of year, you can find Chicago Bears tickets for as low as $80. The cheapest ticket is in section 125 of the lower level. While this isn’t the most popular place to watch a game, it’s a lot cheaper than other options.

The Bears will play 17 games in 2021, which is more than they did in 2011. That’s because the team is expanding the schedule. Until now, teams had to play eight regular-season games a year. Now, teams will fluctuate between eight and nine.


Ticket prices are expected to rise by an average of four percent. The good news is that there is still time to grab a bargain. For instance, if you buy in the first quarter, the best seats will cost you a mere ten dollars. It’s not all doom and gloom though, you can still catch a Bears game on the cheap. To find out more about how much the big bear will set you back, read on.

In fact, you could buy a season ticket to the Chicago Bears and never leave your house. For instance, you can get access to the field via Ticketmaster, the app of choice for Bears fans. On top of that, you can download a free mobile app that enables you to sell your tickets and even snag a seat from another shopper. This is a surefire way to ensure a good time at Soldier Field no matter what the weather’s like.

PSL marketplace

A new stadium is being planned for Chicago, and the Bears’ current season ticket holders have to decide whether they will stay or go. It is estimated that the cost of the new stadium could reach $2 billion. That means there will be a need for the PSL (Permanent Seat License) sales to fund it. But what exactly is a PSL?

The PSL is a one-time fee that grants the owner the right to buy season tickets. It is a type of license that is used by NFL teams. If a team does not pay for its season tickets, it can lose its seat license.

Ticket brokers and fans looking to make some extra money can use the PSL marketplace to sell their season tickets. Those who are interested in buying a PSL can search the inventory online and submit an offer. When a potential buyer makes a purchase, the seller receives 10% of the total price. In return, the buyer pays the remaining 90%.

In fact, most PSLs are owned by current Season Ticket Holders. While it might not seem like a huge deal, if the team changes locations and you can no longer access your seats, you will have to forfeit your ownership of the PSL. Also, the reissue of mobile tickets is prohibited without a transfer. This could be a huge problem for those who have been loyal to the Bears for many years.

Another option for Bears fans who would like to keep their season tickets is to remain at Soldier Field. After all, it is the home of the team and they have made three Super Bowl appearances. However, fans might be disappointed that the stadium has not changed much since its opening. And, if they want to have a good view, they may need to shell out the money for a personal seat license.

One way for fans to find out what the average price of a PSL is is to check with a ticket broker. For instance, if you’re looking for a new season ticket for the Atlanta Falcons, you can visit their website and search for available inventory. As you might expect, the prices will vary from team to team.

Some of the best seating locations at Soldier Field are considered permanent seat licenses. Because of this, the stadium needs to make sure average fans can afford to buy them. To prevent brokers from buying the PSLs, the Bears must price them according to market value.

If you are a fan of the Chicago Bears, you may be wondering what the PSL (Permanent Seat License) is all about. Essentially, it is a license that grants the owner the right to buy season seats at Soldier Field. It has been an important way for venues to finance the construction of their new stadiums.

What the Detroit Lions Need to Make the Playoffs

what detroit lions need to make playoffs

If the Detroit Lions are going to make the playoffs in the upcoming season, they will have to do a few things. First, they will need to win at least three of their remaining five games. Second, they will need to win in the NFC South and third, they will need to follow the example of a coach who has never doubted his team’s abilities.

DVOA ranking of the detroit lions

The Detroit Lions are ranked sixth in the league by Football Outsiders’ DVOA ranking. While this is not a perfect score, the Lions have a lot of momentum, have won five straight midseason games, and have the advantage in EPA/play. They could jump to third place and make the playoffs if they can win all of their NFC games.

Fortunately for the Lions, they have two home games against the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Those teams are both in the NFC North and a win over either team would put them in first place in the division.

If they were to win all three of these games, the Lions could catch the Giants for the last wild card spot. Both teams have tough schedules remaining, but the Lions have a head-to-head tiebreaker and a better record.

Luckily, the Detroit Lions defense has improved dramatically over the course of the season. In fact, the Lions defensive line is now the ninth-best in the NFL per DVOA, and their rush defense has been a real strength.

The Lions offense is one of the best in the NFL, ranking in the top 10 in passing, rushing, and total yards per game. It has been efficient and explosive, and it has limited negative plays. This will help them keep their defense under control.

However, the Lions still have some work to do on their quarterback play. Matthew Stafford has been an average quarterback in any measure of quarterback play. He has been one of the best in the league in passing, but his play on the run has been below average.

The Lions also have to get better at containing receivers. Their secondary has struggled to do this. Getting to the quarterback is a huge part of this.

Losing four of their last five games

Losing four of your last five games is not the best way to finish the season. The fact of the matter is that your team still has a shot at making the playoffs, if not advancing. Having said that, the Seahawks will likely have to play better than their current record if they want to have any chance of securing a top two seed in the NFC.

One nifty way of determining whether your team is indeed in the running for the playoffs is to look at the team’s recent record. If the Bills can beat the Falcons in Atlanta, it’s likely they will finish the regular season with a record of.500. This is the same scenario the Chargers had to deal with a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately for them, they are currently at 6-6 and can’t lose their upcoming game against the Raiders.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time the Bills have been a playoff team. In fact, the franchise lasted 17 years before they made it back into the big time. As such, they have a vested interest in maintaining their winning streak. Moreover, the team has been known to be quick to upgrade their roster, and the Bills are a smart bunch when it comes to acquiring players with championship pedigree.

For the Chargers, the old fashioned best case scenario is for them to win the next three games they have on the docket. They can expect to have the opportunity to showcase their talent in the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl if they can make it through the season unscathed.

Winning the NFC South

If the Detroit Lions are going to be able to make the playoffs, they have to win the NFC South. They currently sit 1.5 games behind the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders.

In order to make the playoffs, Detroit must beat the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets in Weeks 14 and 15 and then win against the Green Bay Packers in Week 17. It’s hard to think that they would win any of those games if they didn’t have the best schedule down the stretch.

The Saints, Vikings, and Buccaneers are all in the NFC playoff hunt, and they could all get a chance to win the division. However, the 49ers are in position to win the NFC West.

The two teams that have been the biggest surprise of the season have been the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. While they’ve each won 10 games in the NFC, their streaks of five straight games or more have been snapped.

If the Lions can win the last three games, they’ll be the team in the running for the NFC wild card. This is because the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders are both losing.

Detroit also owns a tiebreaker with Washington and New York. It’s called head-to-head and if the two teams finish with the same percentage, the Lions could have a slight edge.

As for the rest of the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in first place. They lost to Cincinnati Bengals 34-23. But they still have a chance to catch the Buccaneers.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers are still in the race for the NFC South. After a loss to Pittsburgh Steelers, they’re 6-8 and in the hunt for the playoffs.

Losing at least three games to jump them

As the Detroit Lions approach the end of the season, they could earn a playoff spot with a win or a loss. But, in order to do so, they need to jump at least two teams.

The Lions have a chance to clinch the NFC North after beating Minnesota 34-23 on December 11. They have an enticing schedule in the final month of the regular season. However, that still doesn’t guarantee they’ll make the playoffs.

They must also jump at least one of Washington or Seattle. That’s not impossible, though, because they have a better record than both teams.

They also have a comparatively easy schedule over the final month. That makes a 10-win season more likely.

Even so, a loss here could seriously dent the Lions’ playoff chances. With a 10-6 record, they would need a string of bad luck to miss the playoffs.

If they can keep up this strong of a finish, they could make the playoffs. That’s good news for fans of the Lions, who have been on a roll lately.

Their defense has been “pretty dang good” recently. Besides a couple of missed field goals and a late fumble, the Lions haven’t given up a touchdown in nine games.

They’ve also won three straight away from home. In fact, they’re 5-1 in their home division. So, they have a good chance to beat the Panthers in Carolina on Saturday.

There’s a chance they might win the Super Bowl, but that’s still far from a given. Several teams have a better shot of winning it, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills.

And it’s worth remembering that the Rams’ Matthew Stafford trade helped strengthen the Lions’ chances.

Taking after a head coach who never doubted

With the Detroit Lions coming off a win against Tampa Bay, they are back in the playoff hunt. That’s a positive for the future, but it’s still hard to see this team making the playoffs. There are a lot of things that need to happen before this can happen, and the season is winding down.

The good news is that the Lions have the best schedule of the remaining teams. They will play three games on the road. If they can win out, they will be 10-7. This is good news for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in three years.

One of the biggest questions the Lions have is whether or not Jim Caldwell will be the next head coach. He has a four-year deal with the team, but it’s not clear whether he will get a contract extension.

When the Detroit Lions started the season 1-6, many thought that the team was in trouble. But with five wins in six games, the Lions have become a serious contender for the NFC wild card.

The team has two first-round picks in April, and they can add talent with the draft. Their goal is to make it to the Super Bowl in 2021. They have a great roster, and they’ve done a lot of work to prepare for the future.

Dan Campbell is taking a page from Fontes’ book and has worked to build a culture of winning. However, he needs to do more to make the “placeholder” players feel like they’re important.

Dan Campbell also needs to focus on little things. Having a winning culture doesn’t mean he can’t lose.

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